Tales From Beyond The Pale

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Written and directed by auteurs and performers of today’s horror genre, these lavishly produced half-hour tales range from the gently macabre to the genuinely gruesome. Hosted and curated by filmmakers Larry Fessenden (*Depraved, The Last Winter, Habit*) and Glenn McQuaid (*I Sell the Dead, V/H/S*), this award-winning series, inspired by the vintage radio shows of yester-year, blends the familiar with a decidedly modern sensibility.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 42: 10 Year Anniversary Bash

    A one hour special celebrating 10 years of Tales with cherished collaborators and your hosts Glenn McQuaid and Larry Fessenden. Featuring Clay McLeod Chapman, John Speredakos, James Le Gros, April Snellings, Graham Reznick, Sam Zimmerman. Digital poem premieres: Simon Is Hiding - The Town That's Not There. recorded October 27 2020 on an ...


  2. Episode 41: Dead Man's Shoes

    A struggling novelist takes on translation work for an elderly aristocrat who wants ‘to put his affairs in order.' Written by Ashley Thorpe. Directed by Glenn McQuaid Featuring Larry Fessenden, Michael Cerveris, Brenda Cooney, John Speredakos, Tobias Campbell. Music by Dave Eggar, Julian Maile. Performed live October 9, 2012. Poster by Gary Pullin. ...


  3. Episode 40: The Hole Digger

    It was the summer that everything changed, that summer in Cape Cod when they first found the hole dug down in the dunes in front of the house. Written and directed by Larry Fessenden. Featuring James Le Gros and Owen Campbell, Tobias Campbell, Kevin Corrigan, Heather Robb and Joel Garland. Music by ...


  4. Episode 39: Pale Men Zoom

    The Pale Men announce a summer recess and chat about their macabre audio series. Glenn McQuaid & Larry Fessenden. Recorded Zoom Call June 30, 2020. ...


  5. Episode 38: Like Father, Like Son

    After losing his five year old son in a car accident, a scientist is determined to have a family reunion no matter how many body parts it takes. Written and directed by Clay McLeod Chapman. Featuring Larry Fessenden, Tobias Campbell, Bonnie Dennison, Joel Garland, Vincent D'Onofrio, Brenda Cooney, Owen Campbell. Performed live October ...