Tales From Beyond The Pale

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Written and directed by auteurs and performers of today’s horror genre, these lavishly produced half-hour tales range from the gently macabre to the genuinely gruesome. Hosted and curated by filmmakers Larry Fessenden (*Depraved, The Last Winter, Habit*) and Glenn McQuaid (*I Sell the Dead, V/H/S*), this award-winning series, inspired by the vintage radio shows of yester-year, blends the familiar with a decidedly modern sensibility.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 7: The Ripple at Cedar Lake

    A scientist, his wife and his lover get in over their heads in this 1950’s crime of passion set within the multiverse. Written and Directed by Glenn McQuaid Featuring Hanna Cheek, John Speredakos, Matthew Stephen Huffman, Larry Fessenden ...


  2. Episode 6: Junk Science

    Space can be a lonely place. For Pike and his computer AL, friendship may mean the difference between life and death. Written and Directed by Brahm Revel. Featuring Nick Damici, Michael Cerveris, Alison Wright, Kareem Savinon. Poster by Graham Humphreys. ...


  3. Episode 5: H.P. Lovecraft’s The Hound

    The allure of a jade amulet proves troublesome for two aristocratic grave robbers. Directed by Stuart Gordon. Written by Dennis Paoli. Featuring Barbara Crampton, Ezra Godden, Chris McKenna, Glenn McQuaid, Larry Fessenden. Music by Richard Band. Poster by Graham Humphreys ...


  4. Episode 4: Caper

    Four burglars are trapped in a fantasmagoric nightmare when they discover the abandoned mansion they break into is shapeshifting. Written and Directed by Larry Fessenden. Starring James Le Gros, Matthew Stephen Huffman, John Speredakos, Jonny Orsini, Mark Margolis, Joel Garland. Recorded Live. ...


  5. Episode 3: The Crush

    Loretta will stop at nothing to own a successful vineyard, but when the wine finally flows, it comes at a price. Written and Directed by Glenn McQuaid. Starring Sean Young, Matthew Stephen Huffman, John Speredakos, James Le Gros, Larry Fessenden. Performed Live. ...