Tales From Beyond The Pale

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Written and directed by auteurs and performers of today’s horror genre, these lavishly produced half-hour tales range from the gently macabre to the genuinely gruesome. Hosted and curated by filmmakers Larry Fessenden (*Depraved, The Last Winter, Habit*) and Glenn McQuaid (*I Sell the Dead, V/H/S*), this award-winning series, inspired by the vintage radio shows of yester-year, blends the familiar with a decidedly modern sensibility.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 24: Dead Air

    A college DJ struggles with the demonic forces that haunt the hallways during a late night broadcast. Written by Simon Barrett. Directed by Larry Fessenden. Featuring Jonny Orsini, Joel Garland, Matthew Stephen Huffman, John Speredakos, Alison Wright. Performed live October 23, 2012. Poster by Trevor Denham. ...


  2. Episode 23: The Mattress King

    A sleazy entrepreneur tries to make love and money out of the back of his van in downtown L.A. Written and directed by Clay McLeod Chapman. Featuring Larry Fessenden, Kate Flannery, Martin Starr, Ana Asensio, Clay McLeod Chapman, Glenn McQuaid. Performed Live October 29, 2014. Poster by Trevor Denham. ...


  3. Episode 22: This Oracle Moon

    A rescue team of astronauts visits a distant moon and encounter elusive creatures with a mysterious origin. Written and directed by Jeff Buhler. Story by Glenn McQuaid. Featuring Ron Perlman, Doug Jones, Mark Kelly, Molly Bryant, Jeff Buhler, Zed B. Starkovic, The Nam. Poster by Gary Pullin. ...


  4. Episode 21: Johnny Boy

    A curse follows a young couple from the streets of New Orleans to their baby’s nursery. Written and directed by JT Petty. Featuring Amy Seimetz, Shea Whigham, Bill Weedem, Tom Knutson, Brenda Cooney. Released November 23, 2010. Poster by Gary Pullin. ...


  5. Episode 20: Who Killed Johnny Bernard?

    A man tries to bargain with the devil to change the fate of his son after a deadly accident. Written and directed by Larry Fessenden. Featuring Larry Fessenden, James Le Gros, Noah Le Gros, Lauren Ashley Carter, John Speredakos, Matthew Stephen Huffman. Guitar & drums Jack Fessenden. Sax Larry Fessenden. Performed Live August 20th ...